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Pets Go Direct

Pet shop chain goes online

Petsgodirect are part of a group of highly successful pet stores that have been in high streets all across the UK for more than 30 years. They realised that much of the high street is going online and sensibly started to create their own online presence and market share. Rather than using the existing well know chain as their brand we freshly branded their online shop with a logo character, developed throughout, from scratch so as not to be in competition with their high street stores.

Pets Go Direct need a system that was simple for their staff to populate and manage with very little training. As it was a start-up we bombarded Google with pay per click advertisements to begin with whilst working on their own search engine optimisation to get them up through the natural Google listings. We supplied them with a blog and researched the most auspicious sear terms for them to further push them up through Google whilst supplying useful information to pet lovers and potential customers.We have also run a number of email campaigns for them.

A young, energetic team, Pets Go Direct like to take a very hands on approach, designing their own campaigns and run the entire website themselves, using us for designing and illustrating ads and offers that they sketch themselves.

We used a Dreamweaver based shopping cart solution so that as the store expands it can be migrated to more complex software as needed. The current version was largely coded for Pets Go Direct by our shopping cart expert and uses bang up to date technology to give them plenty of flexibility with offers, imaging and campaigns.

The login system and basket has been carefully designed and coded in order to make purchasing goods as fast, simple and secure as possible with customers only needing to fill in the minimum of information and being gently funnelled towards the payment section without distractions in order to minimise abandoned shopping carts.

We host the site with one of the UK’s leading specialist hosting companies in order to keep the website working properly, fast and above all, securely on all the main browsers.

Marketing the website is largely done by pay per click, natural Google listings, and occasional email campaigns.



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