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Giemni Clinical Commercial Website

Powering an existing e-coms site up through Google

Giemni Clinical sell various high end dental instruments including surgery microscopes at highly competitive prices and they are the sole UK distributors for a multi-award winning sonic-irrigation system.

They already had an e-commerce website with 500+ products but it needed a boost on Google and the site branding was a little too basic to fully communicate the quality of the client’s products. The site was, however, fully functional and GC had already invested heavily in populating it with products so they really wanted a solution that avoided having to do a complete restart.

Our solution was to ‘portal’ their existing site with a second bespoke WordPress website out front. The featured products at the front end link directly to the detailed product information pages on the existing e-coms site so that purchasing is only one click away.

Because the design was bespoke, we were able to brand it using as many of their existing graphical features as we could in order to make it more stylish without looking too dissimilar to the existing site. We created some beautiful rotating banner ads for their key products, linking to heavily optimised pages along with a blog, which with minimal training they are able to update themselves using the site optimisation guidelines that we designed specifically for their products. We encouraged extra database growth with a competition to attract subscribers and we persuaded dental professionals to give their permission to send them newsletters.

The result - they’ve powered up through Google to the top pages on all the most likely search terms, sales are up 28% and brand awareness has risen. And every penny used of their marketing budget for this project has been well spent.

For companies like Giemni Clinical who have already invested time and money on an e-commerce website but need some uuumph to get quickly found on the internet, there is alot that can be done - beware of those web-builders who recommend starting from scratch. We’re always happy to talk these projects through and usually all that’s needed is some well considered and economical marketing.


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